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Cursed Dungeon is a 3D game made in Godot for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3(#extragamejam) with the theme 'Cycles'.

You must survive in a cursed dungeon and find an exit, if there is even one. Your mind will soon start playing tricks on you while you navigate chamber after chamber, finding every one of them the same as the chamber you have just left.

Is there an exit? Is this some sort of game that amuses a deity yet to be seen? Is there even a way to break the cycle and be free of this madness before you die or go entirely mad?


  • With WASD or ARROW KEYS move the character
  • With SPACE BAR attack


The theme of 'cycles' is applied by having the madness cycle (every 3 chambers the avatar gets the Madness effect) and by having endless chambers (so it is a cycle of entering a chamber, killing enemies and leave the chamber).

Extra Credits

  • Extra Public Domain: the madness is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Extra Time: the game features a score system.



CursedDungeon.zip 82 MB

Install instructions

There is a 32bit and a 64bit version of the game.

Unzip the file, choose the folder of the version you want to play and execute the .exe

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